Baxter’s story began with a love at first sight: skin. A love that is and was, day after day, powered by an endless passion for the production of beautiful and well done furniture, designed and created to convey emotions.

Llampë Baxter
Llampa Baxter
Krevat Baxter
Krevat Baxter
Set ProdukteshBaxter
Set Produktesh Baxter
Tavolina Baxter
Tavolina Braxter


Atmosfere in Trend Interiors

A conversation between our architect Elizabeth and the architect and at the same time moderator of the Luana Trend Interior for class, elegance and quality. In this first part will talk about the beginnings of the Atmosphere and the lines of luxury design that are our excellence, starting with Baxter as the elite brand of Atmosphere.

Atmosfere in Trend Interiors

Class, elegance and quality are represented at its best in all of our showrooms. This seconde part of Trend Interiors continues its journey  where the main character will be the night sector. Under the guidance of architects Elizabeth and Luan, with the innovative solutions of the Atmosphere for a perfect life with hidden details.